As part of the Ocean Conservation initiative, 1600 corals were planted in artificial frames on behalf of Only Earth as part of the coral propagation project. A few months back, we partnered with Reefscapers to execute this project around the locally inhabited Fulhadhoo Island in the Maldives. It was inspiring to see how Thomas Le Berre and his team of marine biologists are dedicating their lives to preserving the few remaining coral habitats ,which require lots of care and attention. To raise awareness on ocean conservation. We also invited school kids from neighbouring islands to plant the corals, and it was amazing to learn how many of the kids already do their bit by avoiding single use plastic, as each child brought their own watering cans along with them to avoid using plastic water bottles. Due to Human activities such as factory farming and increase user of fertilizer, we already have over 400 dead ocean zones which cannot support marine life, so there is an urgent need to protect and preserve habitats from the human wrath of economic expansion in the name of growth and progress.
  • Intro To Partner

    Intro To Partner

    Reefscapers are a team of marine biologists and consultants working with resorts to restore coral reefs in the Maldives. They use coral frames to enhance the diversity of the natural reef and raise awareness about the underwater world.
    Reefscapers have been involved in coral reef restoration projects in the Maldives since 2005, with our pioneering coral frame techniques that rank among the most successful marine conservation programmes in the world.
    Targeted primarily at island-based resorts to improve the general health of the natural coral reefs, Reefscapers offers the most advanced coral propagation programme with long-term monitoring, maintenance and support.

  • Work Done So Far

    Work Done So Far

    In 2021 Only Earth teamed up with Reefscapers to start propagating corals and restoring coral reefs on the locally inhabited islands of Fulhadhoo in the Maldives. Thanks to our support, Reefscapers were able to expand their resort-based tourist-oriented projects out to the island communities, to increase local awareness of the susceptibility of coral reefs to elevated ocean temperatures brought about by long-term climate change. After placement in the lagoon, Reefscapers’ new coral frame quickly became home to a variety of marine species, and the structures formed an important role as ‘fish nursery’ for fry and juveniles after just a few months. As the initial phase of coral frames start to grow and mature after 18-24 months, Reefscapers will then be able to harvest new coral fragments directly from their frames, for re-transplantation onto new frames in the future. As our involvement with Reefscapres matures, their education program will expand to embrace local island-based tourism.

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Corals are responsible for keeping the ocean’s ecosystem intact and healthy. Sadly, due to global warming, about 50% of the corals around the world are already dead, and with increasing temperatures it is expected that the remaining 50% will die in coming years. Many of us don’t know that at least half of the oxygen that we breathe comes from oceans, so coral propagation along with ocean conservation must be undertaken by government and private entities on large scales to mitigate the damage that humans have done.
We are proud to say that at Only Earth we are working towards a solution, and we look forward to watching the Fulhadhoo islands corals growing, thriving, and supporting marine life. We stay committed to supporting the team of Earth warriors from Reefscapers and could expand this project further with your help.