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    • Loved this product. It was always a task to find vegan milk that tastes good. We are so pleasantly surprised with the taste of this milk. Especially the coconut milk, it tastes so much better than regular milk. This is our go to milk now for cereals and even tea. Thank you Only Earth for making this amazing product that now lets us enjoy milk guilt free.@wheelsandtails

    • Oat milk choices in India are still few and it's hard to find something creamy enough to elevate smoothies and desserts. This is going to be my go-to oat milk! Also love that the external delivery package comes without any plastic. Just wish there was a collection program to take back used cartons for recycling! @shivya

    • Whoever said plant based milk tastes bad, has never tasted it to feel its goodness and health benefits. Not only is it good on the digestive system but also a healthy alternative from dairy. For me Only Earth non dairy milk is an outright winner, it's earth friendly and lactose free. @fitgirl.india

    • I really love Only Earth's unsweetened almond milk which is the perfect accompaniment to my healthy vegan breakfast. I also like that only earth supports various environmental centric causes and uses their packaging to shine a spotlight on endangered species. The almond milk is creamy, nutty and obviously cholesterol free which makes it a healthy dairy alternative. Definitely recommend their products! @ChefAashti


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    Papaya Pineapple Nicecream

    Papaya Pineapple Nicecream

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