Bengal Monitor  Lizard

Bengal Monitor Lizard

  • These reptiles are caught from the forests of south India and used for their meat and fat; both of which are falsely believed to have aphrodisiacal and medicinal properties.
  • In most cases, we find that their limbs are usually bound tightly together and their tail is thin, and devoid of any fat, indicating months of captivity and starvation. The limbs being tied for months causes the blood flow to be cut off and the extremity usually rots and falls off. 
  • An adult monitor lizard was rescued and brought to BRC for rehabilitation. This monitor was lucky as his limbs were not tied and tail was thick with fat deposits indicating that he was caught recently. After all the preliminary examination, treatment and observation were done to ascertain that he was healthy, the lizard was released in a safe, protected forest in the presence of Forest Department officials. It was so rewarding to see him scamper away at lightning speed.
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