Why sunflower oil is added to oat milk?

Oil is one of the last ingredients that comes to your mind when you think about oat milk. Well, we are sorry to inform you that the oil gives a smooth and creamy texture that you love. Rapeseed oil is the most common kind of oil that is used in oat milk. Other than rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and coconut oil are also used. There are many reasons for using sunflower oil in oat milk. Here are a few:


Sunflower oil helps to increase the creaminess of the Oat Milk. This is one of the main reasons why oil is added to oat milk. Unlike dairy milk, which has natural fats in it, non-dairy milk, especially oat milk, does not have much fat. The more oil it has, the creamier it tastes.


Sunflower oil also acts as an emulsifier that helps two substances combine well and prevent them from separating. In the case of oat milk, sunflower oil prevents the separation of water and oats in oat milk.


Adding sunflower oil to oat milk also helps to increase its shelf life.


A commonly asked question when it comes to added oil, is whether it is safe. We are here to tell you, contrary to popular belief, fueled by the diet culture, that not all oils are unhealthy. Instead, our body needs healthy pils in certain quantities to function healthily. Healthy oils are only good for your body in moderation. Overconsumption of anything never does the body any good.

Adding sunflower oil to oat milk not only makes it smoother but also gives it a rich texture. It is high in oleic acid which is a healthy fat. There is not much to debate that sunflower oil is much healthier than canola or rapeseed oil. Unlike rapeseed oil, it is also inflammatory and, hence is gentle on the stomach.

So, if you are not ready to give up non-oil oat milk, we would recommend that you buy oat milk with sunflower oil and not one with rapeseed/ canola oil.


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